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Polarization-Independent Scrambler

FiberControl's product base is built around a 5 core product family. This includes, polarization controllers, motorized polarization controllers, a polarization control box, polarization independent scramblers, and polarization dependent scramblers.

Manual Fiber Polarization Controllers

FIBERCONTROL's polarization controllers employ a unique user-friendly design which utilizes stress-induced birefringence. Complete coverage of the Poincaré sphere is achieved by adjusting the paddles. All controllers are fully licensed.

FPC-1: The small footprint of this popular model is designed to utilize commonly available fibers that are less bend sensitive. These include Corning SMF-28e or DSF, Lucent DSF, Lucent SMF, and others. It features easy top-down fiber loading with paddles in locked position, multidirectional placement on optical table, pliable caps to easily secure fiber, smooth adjustable rotation, and multiple colored paddles to enhance WDM identification.

FPC-2 and FPC-3: These larger coil diameter models are used with bend sensitive fibers, such as Corning's SMF-28 and Corning SMF-28e. The FPC-2 can accommodate 250mm bare fibers or 900 mm buffered fibers. The FPC-3 can accommodate 3 mm cabled fibers. Both polarization controllers features include straightforward top-down fiber loading with a screwdriver when paddles are in the horizontal position, machined aluminum pieces, solid paddle caps to secure fiber, and multidirectional placement on optical tables.

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Motorized Fiber Polarization Controllers

FIBERCONTROL's motorized polarization controllers provide a computer interface to allow deterministic control of the state of polarization.

MPC1-01: The MPC1-01 is a single channel motorized polarization controller.

MPC1-02: The MPC1-02 is a two channel motorized polarization controller.

MPC1-M: The MPC1- M is a four channel motorized polarization controller.

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Polarization Control Box

FIBERCONTROL offers rack-mountable polarization control boxes. The user-friendly design utilizes individual 3-stage rotary knobs to provide independent control for each channel.

FPC-8CH: The FPC-8CH is an eight channel manual polarization controller.

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Resonant Coil Polarization Scramblers

FIBERCONTROL's polarization-dependent scramblers converts highly polarized light into light with a scrambled polarization by rapidly modulating the state-of-polarization. The products are patented and CE marked.

RCPS-600: The RCPS-600 provides scrambling at frequencies near 600 kHz when driven by an external commercially available function generator (± 10-VP-P, Zo = 50-W).

RCPS-600B: The RCPS-600B incorporates an internal power amplifier which increases the modulation signal power. An external commercially available function generator (± 10-VP-P, Zo = 50-W) extends the range of optical scrambling frequencies to 1 MHz.

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Polarization-Independent Scramblers

FIBERCONTROL's polarization-independent state scramblers provide high speed scrambling of optical signals regardless of the input state-of-polarization. The products are patented and CE marked.

PS-700: The PS-700 provides scrambling at 4 MHz.

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